BOMBSHELL – Leaked Plan Reveals Hillary Tried to Assassinate Famous Person, Media Hiding It

We know what Hillary does when someone crosses her or gets in the way of her political career!

Apparently, sending a drone out to end Julian Assange was Hillary’s solution for dealing with someone that was crossing the Obama administration…

At first, this sounds as though it was just a comment made in jest, but that quickly changed.

After Hillary’s initial comment, apparently she continued talking in a manner that would suggest she was actually dead serious about taking Assange out!

She even went so far as to call him a “soft target.”

No wonder Assange cancelled his scheduled balcony announcement tomorrow!

Hillary has far too many “coincidence” murders in her checkered history.

One, two, even three or four shady deaths could be explained away, but when you have dozens of people who were on the record against you or about to reveal damning information and they die, something is up.

I have long stated that Hillary will do or say anything to stay in power.

She put up with Bill’s indiscretions for decades so she could one day make a run at the Oval Office.

Hillary knew she needed Bill to pave the way because she was not capable of doing it on her own, so she remained with him through all of it.

Assange is very much a threat to her run now, and if she was ready to do a drone hit on him to protect Obama, what will she do to keep her secrets safe?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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