BOMBSHELL – NYC Bomber’s Dad EXPOSES Obama With THIS Big Announcement

More information is coming to light in the NYC Bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahami, case. This information about an incident two years ago has everyone in shock, further proving Obama is corrupting the system!

Two years before the bombings, Rahami’s Father told police officials that he thought his son might be involved in terrorism. Ahmad’s father, Mohammad Rahami said today that he reported to FBI agents about his concern for his son because of an argument and stabbing incident with his brothers via

The police arrived to investigate, and it was at this moment that Mr. Rahami told them his terrorist concerns for his son Ahmad. The information was passed to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is led by the FBI, the officers conducted an assessment and interviewed Ahmad.

But even though Mr. Rahami expressed this concern, the FBI only looked into it for about two months before stating that Ahmad was clean and he wasn’t a terrorist. Well, it’s obvious how wrong the FBI was.

Because this claim was made to the FBI, along with the several suspicious trips to the Middle East, he should have been properly monitored so the bombings would never have occurred. They had more than enough just cause to monitor him, and it has nothing to do with “racially profiling” him.

His own Father, who IS a Muslim, thought he was a terrorist based on his actions. But the FBI was too lazy to actually do their job and monitor this man who eventually became what his Father suspected him to be. They even determined that his father only said he was a terrorist out of anger!

The Obama administration is a joke, and with Hillary planning to continue his legacy this will only continue to happen. The FBI has a duty to the American people to monitor suspicious persons and prevent attacks on the homeland, and because of Obama’s lax leadership…the FBI has failed.

The was legitimate federal reluctance to look into a threat to American soil, and Liberals are looking to give him great medical care for Rahami’s injuries inflicted during his run in with the police, as well as a lawyer to represent him during his trial.

And despite all of this evidence racking up against him, what are the chances they bring him up on something other than terrorism? The proof is all there, this man IS a terrorist, whether Liberals believe it or not.

We the People cannot stand by while Obama and the government organizations that serve the American people ignore obvious signs that lead to terroristic events, and refuse to convict the man of these crimes.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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