BOMBSHELL: Obama Reveals His REAL Plan After Orlando… We’re Under Attack

In response to the Orlando massacre this Sunday, when radical Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen gunned down 49 people at a gay nightclub, President Barack Obama reportedly planned to push for a reinstatement of the federal ban on assault weapons.

“I feel strongly in telling you that the president believes that it should be illegal for an individual to walk into a gun store and purchase an assault rifle,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest announced on Monday, according to the Washington Examiner. “It’s a weapon of war.”

What remained unknown was how exactly the president intended to achieve this goal. The White House had previously admitted that it had already exhausted its executive authority, but something Earnest said on Monday suggested otherwise.

“I’m not going to rule out additional steps,” he said. “(The president’s) not going to hesitate to act.”

Analysts suspected that Obama planned to use his bully pulpit to try to coerce Congress into taking action, but still, Earnest’s mention of “additional steps” seemed a bit ominous.

However, according to the Examiner, even the notorious Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence had stopped submitting requests to the president.

“There is plenty Congress can and should do,” a spokesperson for the organization reportedly said.

“There are certain common sense things that Congress could do that would make it harder for any individual to get their hands on a weapon of war,” Earnest added.

It seemed as if the White House had indeed run out of options and had no other choice but to beg Congress to implement Obama’s draconian gun regulations.

The Republican-controlled Congress will of course never acquiesce to these demands, which makes us wonder just how far the president is willing to go to ram his agenda down America’s throat. Knowing him, the answer is unlikely to be pleasant.

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