BOMBSHELL – Top Journalist Breaks His Silence, Prepares to END Hillary’s Campaign

For Trump, it has been nothing but dodging bullets since last Friday when “the” tape came out. The floodgates of allegations have started, but now it is time to launch the counter attack.

Matt Drudge sent out a tweet Saturday morning that has everyone in the Clinton camp on edge and every Trump supporter licking their chops…

With the picture, we only assume this has something to do with the Hillary is a lesbian rumors, but it could also be a deflection covering up something else.

You just never know with Drudge.

This election has definitely take a turn for the worse in terms of mudslinging.

Hillary started it down this road when she said Trump was disrespectful to women. Donald took the bait and went after Bill. I suspect the Clintons knew all about that tape and held it for a strategic attack, which then knew would then get the attention off Bill and unleash a storm on Trump, and it worked.

Now Trump spends just about every waking hour defending himself against sexual misconduct charges, most of which have already been debunked, but they are still there nonetheless.

But, I doubt Hillary ever expected someone like Drudge to jump into the battle with some information that could possibly end her campaign. And, if it doesn’t end it, it could very well take the heat off Trump.

We have a full three nights before the next election, so I would expect Drudge’s announcement to come out as late as possible to give Hillary as little time as he can to defend whatever allegations he is about to throw at her.

It looks like the last presidential debate just became must see TV again. And I would expect we will spend more time talking about sex scandals on both sides of the aisle than actual issues that will affect this country over the next four years.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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