BOMBSHELL VIDEO – What Hillary Called Her Black Servant Should End Her Career!!

The internet is on the verge of exploding over a new video about Hillary Clinton and something she said about her black staff… and it is going to change everything.

Tracey Martin, a Chef who has cooked for numerous heads of state and served as the traveling Chef for the Clinton, said that while he was doing an event at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center, Hillary used the “N” word!

And it did not stop there!

He said it was actually a word that Hillary used on a regular basis.

As has been stated by numerous people, once the Clintons felt “comfortable” around you, they let their guard down and nothing was off limits.

One would expect some significant repercussions for holding an interview such as this, and Tom Bauerle, the host of the interview, claims that is exactly what happened.

First, he said his phone was hacked, but that was only the beginning.

Soon after, members of his family started receiving threats. Thanks to the Wikileaks email dump, the phone number was recognized as someone from within the DNC!

And there may be another body added to her death toll as the man who hired Martin was found dead while hiking. Oh yeah, yet another convenient death for someone that had the scoop on the Clintons.

Anyone that thinks Hillary being a racist is a stretch, just remember her roots in politics. When Bill was in office Dems were actually for immigration control and crime bills. While Bill was getting his massive crime bill passed that imprisoned thousands of black men, Hillary was defending it by calling young black men super predators.

Also, as you may recall, her “mentor” was none other than Robert Byrd, a KKK chapter founder! Racism is literally part of her core! And if you have ever seen her talk to a black person that even mildly gets under her skin, you can see the hate seeping through her pores.

There was a time when Hillary was expected to get about 90 percent of the black vote, but that number has been waning. One of the most recent polls showed Trump getting almost 25 percent of the black vote at this point!

Simply put, if Trump gets that kind of a number nationwide, he will carry normally blue states and Hillary will be watching the inauguration ceremony from the bottom of the Capitol steps instead of standing next to Obama!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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