BOOM! Baseball LEGEND Endorses Trump – Millions Are Cheering!

One of the Big Red Machine all-stars players just endorsed Donald Trump! The beloved Ohio legend’s endorsement comes on the heels of Hillary hosting yet another ill-attended campaign rally in the Buckeye State.

Johnny Bench has always been both an incredible baseball player AND and a very outspoken man.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame catcher deemed the federal government a “machine” and noted a strong belief that Donald Trump is the presidential candidate who has the ability to reverse the problems generated by the massive amount of power centralized in Washington.

“There’s too many things that we’ve sort of become, I think, too comfortable with and allowed things to get away with,” Johnny Bench said when endorsing Donald Trump. “I think it is time to have a change in Washington.”

Bench’s bold manner, skills, and success on the diamond earned him a copious amount of both awards and fans.

Johnny Bench played for the Cincinnati Reds from 1967 through 1983.

The Big Red Machine catcher won the Most Valuable Player award twice during his career and was selected multiple times to the National League All-Star roster.

Bench has been a vocal opponent to Obamacare.

In 2013, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the Affordable Care Act.

The Reds catcher and his wife, like almost seven million other Americans, lost their quality and affordable health insurance because of Obamacare.

Much like Donald Trump, you always knew where you stood with Johnny Bench—he is a blunt and brutally honest man as well.

It’s no wonder Johnny Bench, like tens of millions of other Americans, realizes the outsider candidate possesses the character and stamina necessary to rebuild this once great nation.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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