BOOM: Black Man DESTROYS Michelle Obama’s Race Baiting with an EPIC History Lesson (VIDEO)

Conservative pundit and Youtube star Alfonzo Rachel can’t stand Michelle Obama. As a student of history and as someone who knows the struggles African Americans have faced, he is offended by Michelle’s victimhood mentality. Michelle Obama knows what buttons to push to stir up racial hatred, which she channels for political purposes.

To attend a graduation ceremony and tell students at Tuskegee University, an historically black university, that they should go through life with a chip on their shoulder is no way to prepare them for the real world.

Michelle’s comments were nasty and full of hate… and that’s when Alfonzo Rachel responded in an epic way! He quoted Booker T. Washington, the founder of Tuskegee University, and set the record straight…

If knowledge is power and you are graduating with the power of knowledge then how are you going to tolerate this agitator coming in to convince you, that you’re a victim, despite the power you’re graduating with.

You are the first freaking lady of the United States and you’re still a spoiled butt-hurt victim, whining about unfairness.

You’re not interested in representing the United States, you’re not interested in representing ALL the people, your interest is in representing the black community and as the first lady you have represented us as bitter and spoiled.

The only hope that people like you have, Michelle Obama is that people will be as miserable as you.”

H/T: PJMedia

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