BOOM: Citizens Living Along Southern Border Speak Out About Trump’s Wall

Without question, one of the most important aspects of the successful campaign run thus far by presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has been his call for a wall and other security measures along our nation’s southern border to combat illegal immigration.

With that in mind, liberal magazine Esquire recently sent a reporter to Texas to talk to those men and women who actually live along the border, to gauge their feelings on a border wall and illegal immigration, according to TheBlaze.

Appearing recently on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Esquire’s editor-in-chief Jay Fielden shared some of what his reporter had found — and what he found was rather shocking, at least to the sensibilities of an east coast liberal journalist.

Fielden said he had instructed his journalist to go to the border “with no preconceived notions, just an empty notebook.” He was then to walk or drive the 800 miles of border that separates Texas from Mexico and “talk to whoever you see and let them tell us what’s really going on and whether we need a wall.”

Needless to say, they were astonished at what they found — namely, that Trump is right and people want some sort of border wall and an enforcement of immigration laws.

Even more amazing to them was the fact that the call for a wall came from virtually everyone they talked to.

“They said, ‘Build the wall.’ Hispanic, Anglo, Democratic, Republican, uncommitted, clueless, whatever, they said, ‘We want a wall, and we want it married to some compassion for the people we are trying to keep from coming in illegally,” he explained.

Another interesting thing that was noted was that Hispanics were actually less sympathetic toward illegal immigrants than whites.

“Most of those Hispanics are first-generation and they see it as unfair, that they came over the legal way, became citizens, and now they’re having to compete for jobs with those coming across the border on a daily basis,” explained Fielden.

“I think they feel, as one guy said, ‘Let ’em get in line,’” he added.

Asked how Border Patrol agents feel about the subject, Fielden admitted they want a wall too, but explained that the concept of the wall was more nuanced for the agents.

“We need a partial wall, boots on the ground, we need radar, cooperation with the Department of Defense,” and other technologies they aren’t particularly keen on speaking about publicly, Border Patrol agents had commented.

While these findings may be shocking to the liberal journalists in New York, it is called common sense for the rest of us in flyover country.

Donald Trump has been speaking to this obvious and common sense solution to confront and stem the tide of illegal immigration, which is why his campaign has been so successful thus far.

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