BOOM! Clinton Rape Victim RESPONDS to Chelsea’s NASTY Attack – It’s Perfect!

Chelsea Clinton decided to dip her toe further into the campaign and attacked Donald Trump for daring to allude to any of her daddy’s past misdeeds with women. One of Bill’s rape accusers refused to let the snide comments by Hillary’s daughter go by unnoticed.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter stridently insisted Donald Trump’s desire to talk about her dad’s sexual antics was merely a “distraction” from dealing with real issues. However, Juanita Broaddrick, one of Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims, responded to the former first daughter via a tweet, “Your father was, and probably is, a sexual predator. Your mother has always lied and covered up for him.”

Chelsea told the media, “It’s a distraction from his inability to talk about what’s actually at stake in this election and to offer concrete, comprehensive proposals about the economy, or our public school system, or debt-free college, or keeping our country safe and Americans safe here at home and around the world.”

Donald Trump boldly did what no other presidential candidate has ever done before. He walked out to talk with reporters immediately after leaving the debate stage. He said he held back bringing up Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affairs and sexual assault accusations because Chelsea was in the room, noting she is a fine young woman.

Trump’s compassion was quickly rewarded with angst from the former first daughter.

“I don’t remember a time in my life when my parents and my family weren’t being attacked,” Chelsea added.

Well, Chels, there is a very good reason for that.

It was surely difficult to grow up in the public eye with a philandering daddy who was accused of sexually assaulting women multiple times and having to sit back and watch the fallout from him being impeached for lying about having “sexual relations” with a young intern.

The world could feel sorry for Chelsea Clinton being subjected to the childhood she was forced to endure because of her parents’ activities.

However, she is a grown-up now and, like many other adults, survived a less than Ozzie and Harriet upbringing.

“What I find most troubling by far are Trump’s…continued, relentless attacks on whole swaths of our country and even our global community: women, Muslims, Americans with disabilities, a Gold Star family. I mean, that, to me, is far more troubling than whatever his most recent screed against my mom or my family is,” Chelsea added, towing the family line of political correctness.

Donald Trump has not attacked “whole swaths” of our country—her mom did that when she dubbed tens of millions of Americans she would be tasked with representing and protecting as a “basket of deplorables.”

Donald Trump did not insult women in general—he made some rude comments to other adults who had also said nasty things about him. That is equality, and feminists should be applauding.

Once again, it was mommy dearest who relentlessly attacked women—just ask any one of the ladies who dared to come forward and report what Bill Clinton did to them behind closed doors.

Hillary trotted out a liberal supporter who had tragically lost a patriotic son fighting terrorism on the convention stage. When he went after Donald Trump, the Republican responded in kind.

It was Chelsea Clinton’s momma who brutally attacked a Gold Star family when she called Patty Smith a liar and ignored her pleas to find out what exactly happened to her only son.

Chelsea got her feelings hurt—no matter what else they are, and they are many horrific things, Bill and Hillary are merely mom and dad to her. That is understandable.

However, she needs to develop a thick skin or stay away from debates and television for the next few months. OR, she could follow Ivanka Trump’s example, show some class, and leave the political fighting to the candidates.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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