BOOM! Dems Who Threw Tantrum On House Floor Get EXACTLY What They Deserve

The immoral and childish behavior of Democrats who staged a “sit-in” on the House floor to boycott the “doomed-from-before-the-start” gun laws was a huge story for mainstream media. Some Democrats, along with some Progressives in the Congress took the opportunity to fundraise a total disobedience of House rules

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It is for this reason many an American is cheering recent filing of ethics violation charges against those who arrogantly took to the floor, that act alone, a violation of House rules.“An independent watchdog group is filing an ethics complaint against several House Democrats for violating House rules last week during lawmakers’ 25-hour sit-in to demand votes on gun control,” USA Today reports.

Each member of the House of Representatives – as well as the US Senate – is responsible for understanding, fully, the rules of each chamber. That each of these Democrats and Progressives chose to violate these rules is akin to self-incrimination to the charges leveled.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a right-leaning watchdog group focused on ethics in Washington, filed a complaint with the House Office of Congressional Ethics on Monday. The filing argued that sit-in participating lawmakers violated ethics rules by fundraising around specific legislative issue and by using House resources for political purposes.

The House ethics manual states:

“The House buildings, and House rooms and offices – including district offices – are supported with official funds and hence are considered official resources. Accordingly, as a general rule, they may not be used for the conduct of campaign or political activities. Thus, for example, a Member may not film a campaign commercial or have campaign photos taken in a congressional office.”

As is evidenced from the myriad press coverage of the event, several live streams, including some from the legislators themselves, were published to social media and used in the mainstream media.

At least one Progressive and one Democrat, Jared Huffman (P-CA), and Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM), sent campaign solicitation emails during the sit-in. Their emails featured pictures of them sitting in protest on the House floor. Lujan’s appeal specifically requested a donation; Huffman provided a link to a sign-up for his campaign website. The emails, including the pictures, are proof enough of their violations of ethics rules.

House rules also prohibit fundraising inside any federal building. But that didn’t stop the caustically Progressive Rep. Jan Schkowsky (P-IL), from sending out a fundraising email saying “I’m asking you while sitting here on the House floor” for a donation. Stunningly – and most likely due to her close Progressive political relationships out of Chicago – Schakowsky was not named in the FACT complaint.

The FACT complaint argues the solicitations violate the ethics manual’s mandate against connecting fundraising to a specific legislative act. The FACT complaint cites fundraising emails sent by the House Democrats’ campaign operation that referenced Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (P-CA), and sit-in ringleader Rep. John Lewis (P-GA). The fundraising solicitation demanded a vote on gun control legislation.

“It boils down to the tying of taking a vote on a piece of legislation to the fundraising,” said FACT Executive Director Matthew Whitaker. “If you are going to have these high-minded rules that go to the heart of good-faith representation…why not just repeal the rules if you have no intention of following them?”

Without skipping a beat, Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill dismissed the complaint as “ridiculous and without merit.”

Someone should inform Hammill that just because Progressives and Democrats refuse to acknowledge reality, their delinquency doesn’t absolve them of their transgressions of the rules. Only the disingenuous or the intellectually stunted could ignore the emails, the images used in those emails, and the live streams now splattered all over social media to say the ethics charges are “ridiculous and without merit.” That comment is an insult to every American, everywhere.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, has to use these people as an example. We’ve walked too far down the road where breaking any rules, law or political processes is not sanctioned as it should be. Such leniency results in Obama’s and Hillary’s shameless lying to the American citizens in order to dodge the responsibility for terror attacks and advanced deceptive legislation.

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