BOOM! Dr. Ben Carson DESTROYS Media with THIS Epic Facebook Post, over 200,000 Agreed

The media continue its witch hunt against the Republican nominee, and the media has raised the ire of many, including the well-respected Dr. Ben Carson. Although he sought the GOP nomination himself, he had a message for those who wish to self-destruct this country by picking Donald Trump apart.

The former brain surgeon and 2016 contender strongly criticized the media for its handling of the Donald Trump hot mic comment from 2005 and illustrated just how blatant the mainstream media’s bias is when it comes to Trump’s candidacy.

We can be rest assured of one thing—Carson is one of Donald Trump’s closest advisers and will have an important role in Donald Trump’s administration if he is elected. Carson has spoken to Trump “multiple times” and said his campaign is “resolute” and will continue to move forward despite the setback.

Dr. Carson had a front-row seat to the second debate, and he saw Donald Trump’s leadership take over. Despite this manufactured issue from his campaign, Trump seemed strong, solid, in control, and quick on his feet.

Carson and the rest of America witnessed a debate performance from someone whom we can confidently say could handle major world events because he made it clear during this debate the election is a referendum on Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton alone.

Carson also believes the Billy Bush tape was released with the timing in mind because it came at the same time more damaging revelations were coming out regarding the litany of Hillary’s scandals. The biased mainstream media made sure this decade-old tape overshadowed any of Hillary’s despicable character flaws from Wikileaks.

The new revelations from Wikileaks illustrate how Hillary’s desire to create a nation of “open trade and open borders.” If she is elected, that dream will come to fruition, and it spells disaster for our country.

Remember NAFTA? Well, TPP is NAFTA on steroids, and it will be the first thing Hillary attempts to pass by executive order if she is elected. Carson said he wasn’t surprised.

“I’m not seeing anything that I didn’t totally expect,” Carson said in regards to the debate and the Trump hot mic scandal. “The political class and the media has to make this about Donald Trump. They cannot make this about the issues.”

“They’re getting desperate because they are seeing the crowds that Trump is attracting,” Carson said. “They see the enthusiasm gap between the candidates, and they know how that’s going to translate on Election Day. Their goal is now to dribble out all of these things like this tape.”

As a result, Carson is calling on people to remember the direction of our country is of paramount importance. Hillary’s Supreme Court picks will completely unbalance America, and it will go the way of Ancient Rome. That is the most important thing in this election and not something Trump said in private ten years ago.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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