BOOM: Gay Community STUNS Trump Campaign… Leaves Hillary Gasping For Air

In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting in which 49 individuals were killed by a radical Islamist, the gay community has effectively given Hillary Clinton a defiant middle finger.

According to a recent poll conducted by Reuters, Clinton has been knocked from her top spot as the favorite of the LGBT crowd. One week ago, she reigned over Trump and “other” with 65 percent of the gay vote — but since the attack, she’s plummeted to second on the chart with 41 percent.

Trump has remained at a steady 17 percent over the last month, but what’s really interesting is that the “other/undecided/refused” number jumped past Clinton to 42 percent.

If liberals continue to defend ideologies that advocate the murder of homosexuals, those “other/undecided/refused” votes will start wandering over to Trump.

Reuters Poll

Those individuals will see Democrats for what they truly are — petulant children with political agendas. Then, if everything continues on its current trajectory, they’ll spite their own party with a Trump vote.

That shouldn’t be too surprising, considering that one out of every five supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will likely be casting their vote for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee come November.

While the mainstream media loves to focus on the superficiality of the national polls, the more specific polls give a much better analysis of what people are thinking. Earlier in June, nearly 80 percent of Americans were against Trump’s temporary ban on Muslim immigration, but after the horrible event in Orlando, that 80 percent shrunk to around 55 percent.

This is a remarkable sign — it means the media’s ploys are not working. The radical Islamists and the Democrats have formed an unbreakable bond, which the Orlando shooter has now exposed for everyone to see.

And the LGBT crowd is taking a long, hard look.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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