BOOM! Hard Truth About Hillary Clinton and Trump’s Taxes Revealed

The New York Times and Hillary Clinton might now be regretting ever publishing or tweeting about Donald Trump’s taxes. Karma is a fickle witch, and she tends to call in a marker at the most inopportune moments.

It did not take fact-checkers long to discover both Hillary and the New York Times have taken advantage of the same tax laws they chastised Donald Trump for using. Neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton ever took action to close the “tax loophole” while in positions of power.

“Trump apparently got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades—while tens of millions of working families paid theirs,” Hillary Clinton tweeted after the Times article ran. She should take her own advice about staying off Twitter or risk looking like a hypocritical fool.

In 2015, Hillary took advantage of a federal tax deduction to claim a substantial loss and AVOID paying taxes. That was just last year, folks.

Even someone with her inability to recall what she had said and done in the recent past should remember losing a whole lot of money.

The Clintons did not lose as much money as Donald Trump did, but his “loss” was due to the investment into projects—job-creating projects—which had not yet begun to turn a profit.

According to the released tax forms, Bill and Hillary Clinton reported a loss of about $700,000. To normal Americans, that is whole lot of money.

Has no one in the media questioned Hillary’s refusal to pay more taxes than what she owed? Not a single journalist has asked her about chastising Donald Trump for utilizing an existing law to do exactly what she and her hubby did?

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s taxes reveal they earned over four million dollars in 2015. Sure, they gave a lot to charity, but by most accounts, the funds went to their own family charity.

The New York Times owners apparently don’t cotton to the idea of paying more taxes than what they legally owe either. In 2014, the Times didn’t pay any taxes AND still got refund of $3.5 million, even though they had a pre-tax PROFIT of $29.9 million.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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