BOOM: Here Are The 6 CRITICAL Issues Voters Think Trump OWNS Hillary On

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is very close to clinching her party’s nomination, pollsters around the country have begun asking voters about who they prefer, and some of the results have been quite surprising.

A new Quinnipiac poll found that voters actually trusted Trump more on certain key issues than they trusted Clinton, a finding that should be making the Clinton camp very nervous right now.

Trump dominated Clinton when it came to who voters thought will do a better job creating job growth in America. The poll showed that 52 percent believed Trump would do a better job, whereas only 41 percent thought Clinton would.

In handling the Islamic State group, Trump again had the advantage thanks in large part to his hard-line stance on the issue. Trump lead Clinton 49-41 percent when it came to who voters thought would do a better job defeating the terror group.

Not surprisingly, Trump also lead Clinton when it came to who voters trusted more, though the numbers were still closer. While 44 percent of respondents said they would trust Trump more, Clinton was even worse, with only 39 percent of voters saying she was “honest and trustworthy.”

Trump also narrowly lead Clinton in the area of leadership skills. The self-made billionaire got 49 percent of respondents to say he had the better leadership skills. Clinton got 45 percent.

Trump lead by wider margins when it came to who was more inspiring, which was not surprising to anyone who has seen the two speak to an audience. Trump, with his signature rallies that draw thousands, got 48 percent, while Clinton only got 39 percent.

In the most critical category of all — who would you invite to a backyard barbecue — Trump once again trounced Clinton 47-39 percent, which isn’t surprising given how cold and standoffish Clinton often seems to be.

There are some questions on which Clinton did better than Trump, however on some of the most important issues Trump was winning by large margins. If Trump can keep his edge, and maybe even improve upon it, he can win the election in November.

H/T Independent Journal

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