BOOM! Huckabee DESTROYS Cruz and Kasich With Brilliant 1-Sentence Slam

This was bound to happen. Trump supporters in the political world are responding to the collusion by Cruz and Kasich, and it is not looking good for the new alliance.

Late last night, Mike Huckabee sent out a tweet saying, “Cruz, Kasich join forces to stop Trump. I wish they wanted to stop Hillary [as] much as they did the Republican who is beating both of them.”

I have seen similar comments from numerous other pundits and politicians, both for and against Trump, voicing the same sentiment.

The popular theme here is we know this goes on, but it is something that generally is not so boldly announced to the public.

But, in fear neither of these candidates can beat Trump on their own in future states, both Cruz and Kasich are now blatantly telling their voters to vote for the other candidate in specific states to block Trump from winning more delegates.

It is the same strategy revealed in Mitt Romney’s pathetic plea prior to Florida and Ohio. The very same strategy that buried Marco Rubio and made Kasich an afterthought on every ballot.

Simply put, there is no self-respecting leader that should be in favor of this type of tactic.

But hey, that’s fine Ted and John, have your fun. Because your double team will not work and Trump supporters will now come out of the woodwork to ensure Trump wins these states and gets to 1,237.

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