BOOM: Huckabee Unleashes… Destroys “Hellary” In Epic Rant

Mike Huckabee has been a fierce anti-liberal advocate, and his experience in government and politics gives him a strong voice for what the country needs.

The former Arkansas governor recently issued a statement regarding the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, and he used it as a foreshadowing of what would happen in the United States in November.

During his epic, anti-establishment rant, Huckabee also implicated the presumptive Democratic nominee, calling her “Hellary” and warning why we must do everything we can to ensure she is not elected to the presidency.

The outspoken conservative was in Liverpool this week, and he was keeping up with the historic political affairs taking place in the U.K.

“The U.K. voted to get OUT of the EU by the very 52-48 margin by which they were predicted to lose,” he wrote on his website. “It can’t be argued that it was decided by a small sampling—a huge 72% of the Brits voted.”

Prime Minister David Cameron, who has led the country’s Conservative Party, sided with the Labour Party and the “institutions of government and finance” instead and supported staying in the EU while members of his party strongly pushed for withdrawal, Huckabee wrote.

Meanwhile, a majority of the people voted for an unexpected historical change that will have an impact on the future of their country.

According to Huckabee, these changes in the U.K. should matter across the pond because it was a “foreshadowing of what will likely happen in November.”

There will be people — even some within our own party — who are concerned with political and financial institutions and push us to “go along” the same old path and elect “Hellary” Clinton.

However, Huckabee predicted, there will be even more people who, in spite of the uncertainty of specific policies, will vote to kick the political and financial institutions in their “wide and arrogant rear-ends.”

Similar to voters in the U.K. who voted to leave the European Union because they were tired of seeing their jobs taken by immigrants who didn’t share the British tradition, culture or spirit, voters in our own country will choose a new path.

“(M)any longtime subjects of the British empire felt that their country was being lost to those who came to claim ‘free’ benefits, jobs and education,” Huckabee explained.

But, not too unfamiliar to Americans, the ones who wanted to take advantage of the country were the same ones who wanted to ignore what made the country able to offer those benefits in the first place.

“America can afford to welcome immigrants who want to assimilate into America, but CANNOT afford to lose its culture and country to those who have no intention of speaking English, accepting the American Constitution of fundamental rights of the individual and of private property, and the moral authority based on the Judeo-Christian tradition,” Huckabee wrote.

Like Cameron, there are leaders in the U.S. who claim to want what’s best for Americans, yet they support detrimental policies that hinder or even hurt our people.

There are also those who warn against electing a political outsider to the presidency because of the uncertainty of what that will mean. But, Huckabee argued, something must be done — and the alternative is not even an option if we want to keep the United States we know and love.

“The truth is, no one really knows what will be the result of the U.K. getting out of the EU,” he said. “But our friends the Brits determined that what they DID know was that if things kept on the way they were going, their grandchildren would live in a U.K. that wouldn’t resemble the one they loved and lived in.”

Similarly, if we were to elect Clinton in November, our country would undoubtedly suffer from another term of detrimental progressive policies and a leader who doesn’t love America for what it is, but seeks to change it into something more like the rest of world.

Like our neighbors across the pond, we must decide to be our own nation, protecting ourselves and our interests at all costs — even if that means taking a big risk to do so.

“A big shock in the U.K.; a big lesson and something to watch for in the United States,” Huckabee concluded.

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