BOOM: Israel Gets PROOF Obama’s State Dept. Is Lying to Entire World

A watchdog looking into the United Nation’s Human Rights Council had some damning news — the State Department has been utilizing false statistics in order to create the illusion that the HRC was somewhat pro-Israel.

With Israel bearing the brunt of attacks in the Middle East, it needs as much support as possible. However, it has mostly received negative attention from the U.N. and the liberal mainstream media.

In a congressional hearing on the HRC, the State Department’s Erin Barclay testified to a severe drop in issues related to the Jewish state, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Sounds good, right? Just wait.

“Prior to our joining the HRC (in 2009), over one-half of all country-specific resolutions the council adopted concerned Israel,” Barclay said. “Today, about one-fifth of the HRC’s country resolutions deal with the Palestinian territories.”

But Hillel Neuer, the executive director of U.N. Watch, testified after Barclay and staunchly objected.

“We heard the number in the first panel that one-fifth of the resolutions deal with Israel,” Neuer said. “These are entirely inconsistent with the numbers that we count quite scrupulously.”

“The State Department seems to be counting all country resolutions, and that is not a meaningful metric,” Neuer said. “When we count we look at condemnations — how many condemnations of Israel versus condemnations of other countries.”

“It is not meaningful to count all country resolutions — especially ones that praise dictatorships,” he explained, pointing to a resolution praising the human rights commitment of the repressive government of Sudan as one example.

“U.N. Watch supports robust engagement to try and make the council work, but at the same time we think that it’s important that the U.S. not find itself in a position that it becomes an apologist for the council’s worst abuses,” Neuer said. “We appreciate engagement — we support it — but it should not be at the expense of critical engagement.”

Neuer’s argument made complete sense to anyone who bothered to check out at the stats to which he referred. Look at condemnation count — Israel had 62 total. However, there were only 55 condemnations for all the other countries in the world combined since the council was formed in 2006.

Moreover, there have been no condemnations for human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Afghanistan or Pakistan — but 62 for Israel. Right.


If that doesn’t really tick you off, I don’t know what will. Not only is the U.N. Human Rights Council completely biased against Israel, but  President Barack Obama’s State Department is willing to misrepresent the facts to Congress to cover up for it.

Welcome to Obama’s America — where we poke our enemies lightly with a long pole but spit on our allies.

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