BOOM: Ivanka Trump Erupts, Sends GOP Establishment Into Tailspin With Just 9 Words – ‘They Don’t…’

Ivanka Trump made no secret of the fact that she will not be mourning the absence of many luminaries of the Republican Party’s past as the Republican National Convention meets this week to formally name her father as the party’s nominee for president.

In strident tones that called to mind her father, Donald, she told ABC News’ Lara Spencer in an interview for Tuesday’s Good Morning America that this convention is a watershed generational moment for the Republican Party. If past leaders choose not to join in, so be it, she said.

“That’s their choice, if they don’t want to be part of the narrative, if they don’t want to be part of the future,” Ivanka Trump said. “But this really is about a forward-looking moment.’”

‘”My father is an outsider and we went through a very tough primary,” she added. “And he emerged from that the winner, but there were certainly ruffled feathers along the way.”

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