BOOM: Krauthammer Just Destroyed The FBI Director With 1 Simple Detail Everyone Is Missing

Charles Krauthammer said today on Special Report that the conclusion of the day is that Hillary Clinton is a non-criminal liar.

But he also hammered Comey’s logic, saying it’s completely wrong. Krauthammer pointed that Comey laid out the case for gross negligence, but then created a new standard for malicious intent which the statute doesn’t even require:

Krauthammer added later that there absolutely was intent, that Hillary intended to set up the server and handle her classified email through it:

Krauthammer says Comey changed the standard even on intent, to ask ‘did she intend to harm the US.’

But as he points out, the correct standard is whether she intended to mishandled classified email, not whether she intended to harm the US.

Kraut says she met that standard and Comey declined to prosecute.

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