BOOM: Libs Say Trump Trashed Hispanic, Then Hispanic Drops Bombshell on Lib Liars

The mainstream media outlets care about the truth, care about the individuals and care about quality, right? To no one’s surprise, that’d be a very inaccurate description of the massive news networks, including some members of the “new media” like Buzzfeed.

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed “reported” that Azteca TV interviewer Marcos Stupenengo, who is Hispanic, was asked to leave Trump Tower the second he started speaking Spanish.

This ordeal was quickly debunked after a quick check by CNN’s senior reporter, who said in a tweet that Stupenengo “didn’t really” have a scheduled interview at Trump Tower — he was just attempting to get one on location.

Startlingly enough, Buzzfeed stated that Stupenengo was going to undermine Trump by broadcasting a segment in which he says he was “kicked out of Trump headquarters because he was speaking Spanish.”

After revising their faux story, Buzzfeed continued to hold the line, claiming that Azteca TV said that a Trump campaign official told Stupenengo, “We’re not interested in coverage from Spanish-language media.”

But even the reporter wouldn’t back that up, tweeting a confirmation that he never had an interview scheduled with Donald Trump in the first place and saying nothing anywhere in his Twitter feed about having been kicked out of Trump Tower because of speaking Spanish.

Buzzfeed then stated, “Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks called that ‘absolutely false’ in an email to Univision.”

Hicks can justifiably say it’s false because (a) it probably is false and (b) Buzzfeed completely killed their own credibility by publishing such a bogus story in the first place.

The mainstream media isn’t in the game to tell the truth, to give people the facts or to tell Americans what they need to hear even though they don’t want to hear it. They are creating mindless drones out of their viewers in their quest for socialism in America and open borders around the world.

A deluge of phony stories like Buzzfeed’s is one reason America is in the hole it’s in. Once Americans realize this, only then can we begin to combat the lies.

H/T Breitbart

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