BOOM! Look Who’s Joining Forces with Trump to SHRED Iran deal…

Donald Trump is already forming a valuable partnership with one of our most staunch allies. Liberal concerns that leaders of the world would shirk from the Trump administration have been proven entirely unwarranted and grossly exaggerated.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a conversation planned with President-Elect Donald Trump soon after Trump takes the oath of office. Netanyahu and Trump will be discussing the controversial Iran deal, according to the Daily Caller.

Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama clashed publicly time and again during the past eight years. The Israeli prime minister and the 45th president of the United States are both bold men of strength who do not cave to political correctness—they should get along just fine.

Netanyahu and Obama most vehemently disagreed over the Iranian nuclear deal. The Israeli leader came to America to protest the deal before Congress in 2015. Liberals loathed the GOP move to invite Netanyahu to speak about against pending legislation Obama supported.

Donald Trump has deemed the Iran deal a “disaster.” Once he takes the oath of office, the legislation Trump has dubbed the “worst deal ever negotiated” will most assuredly get reworked or terminated altogether.

“The problem isn’t so much that Iran will break the deal, but that Iran will keep it because it just can walk in within a decade, and even less…to industrial-scale enrichment of uranium to make the core of an arsenal of nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said.

General James “Mad Dog” Mattis was allegedly forced out of the United States Military for voicing similar sentiments in 2013.

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence appears to agree wholeheartedly with the future president. He said the Iran deal should be “ripped up” after consulting with American allies on the issue. The Iran nuclear deal is not binding.

The entire agreement exists only as long as all parties involved uphold it, according to State Department representative Mark Toner. Stakeholders in the deal also include China, Russia, Great Britain, France, and Germany.

After Obama’s Iran deal was completed and millions of dollars were sent to the Middle East nation under cover of darkness, trading resumed with the nation state. In addition to the United States, several other European countries have also started to once again trade with Iran.

Boeing has reportedly entered into multi-million deal with Iran Air. The plan manufacturer will soon be constructing an entire new fleet of planes for Iran.

Hopefully, now with Trump set to take office, We the People will see some positive changes for our country and our allies.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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