BOOM: Midwest State Tells Obama He Can SHOVE His Transgender Bathroom Laws

Kansas became the latest state to defy President Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom decree, ruling that most students will still have to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological gender.

According to The Washington Post, the Kansas State Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon to ignore the directive that the Obama administration issued last month effectively ordering school districts across the nation to let students pick the bathroom they wished to use without interference.

In its decision, the State Board of Education concluded that policy on transgender bathrooms was best set by local districts.

“We are firm in our belief that decisions about the care, safety and well-being of all students are best made by the local school district based on the needs and desires of the students, parents and communities they serve,” a statement from the board read.

“In Kansas, like many other states, our schools have been addressing transgender student needs with sensitivity and success for many years.”

It said that if it were to follow Obama’s example, that flexibility would be lost.

“The recent directive from the civil rights offices of the United States Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the treatment of transgender students removes the local control needed to effectively address this sensitive issue,” the statement said.

“We must continue to provide our schools the flexibility needed to work with their students, families and communities to effectively address the needs of the students they serve.”

Kansas isn’t the only state that’s officially registered its disgust with Obama’s transgender bathroom plan. Texas and 10 other states have sued the federal government, arguing that Obama’s order “has no basis in law” and would effect “seismic changes in the operations of the nation’s school districts.”

With this and the Supreme Court’s decision on Obama’s executive actions on illegal immigration, it appears that the president’s pen and phone are finally reaching the point of dramatically diminishing returns.

Let’s hope he puts them away and starts legislating the way he’s supposed to — the way the Constitution lays out.

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