BOOM! Mike Pence Just OBLITERATED Hillary With THIS 1-Sentence Slam

Mike Pence, fresh off his massive debate win against Tim Kaine, is now taking aim at Hillary Clinton. The Republican vice presidential candidate did not hold back when critiquing Hillary’s campaign tactics and expertly made the case for voting for the Trump/Pence ticket.

“I mean, you cannot lead people you loathe,” Mike Pence said, referencing insults Hillary Clinton has hurled at her fellow Americans. She deemed Donald Trump’s supporters “irredeemable” and a “basket of deplorables” and then went on to mock millennials and Bernie Sanders supporters in general.

During Mike Pence’s interview with Breitbart, he indicated the election boils down to a simple choice. Americans need to decide if they want a president who can spark real change or a career politician who enjoys wrapping herself in the status quo.

“Donald Trump has given voice to the frustrations and aspirations of the American people like no leader in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan. He’s cast a vision to Make America Great Again. From the days of the primary through our convention and every day since, he’s been outlining the details and policies that will restore American strength at home and abroad, uphold our Constitution, promote the kind of trade policies that will put the American worker first, end illegal immigration,” Pence said.

The vice presidential candidate doubled down on his belief the Democrats are engaging in an insult-driven campaign while pointing fingers at Donald Trump for uttering some rude remarks. Liberals tend to believe any nasty thing they say about conservatives is justified because we are bad and racist and just plain mean, while they are glowing beacons of kindness and enlightenment.

“I’ll tell you on that one, it really was remarkable to me that after Senator Kaine listed one personal insult against Donald Trump after another—then he accused us of running an ‘insult-driven campaign,’ just—it was remarkable to me,” Pence added.

He continued, “It was also remarkable because Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans who think we can Make America Great Again, who think we can stand tall on the world stage again, who think we can rebuild our military, revive our economy, stand by our Constitution—Hillary Clinton said millions of Americans who believe in Donald Trump’s vision for our country are in a ‘basket of deplorables.’”

Mike Pence, who is known to be a calm man who rarely gets riled or loses his temper, did show great frustration over the demeaning way Hillary Clinton and her minions feel about tens of millions of Americans. She not only loathes so many of us—she doesn’t understand us and has absolutely no desire to even try.

“She said they are irredeemable. She said that they are not America. And despite what Senator Kaine said last night, she never apologized for that—she just said she shouldn’t have said ‘half.’ So, you know, all she did was say she got the number wrong, but I think people across the country got the message,” Pence added.

The vice presidential candidate went on to say he anticipated Bernie Sanders’ supporters also now fully understand how Hillary Clinton feels about them. Sure, Bernie now supports the career politician who stands for everything he abhors, but that does not mean his fans will follow suit.

Bernie was the face of the liberal movement, but he was not the movement—it definitely was not all about him. Donald Trump’s campaign has several things Hillary Clinton’s campaign will never have. Trump supporters are enthusiastic and show up by the tens of thousands just to be in the same room with him and hear him speak. His brutal honesty and patriotism have endeared him to Americans from all walks of life.

Hillary’s crowds, the rare times she deigns to rub elbows with the public, are small and not fired up at all.

They are merely straight party voters who are unfathomably willing to hold their nose and vote for the corrupt, dishonest, untrustworthy Democrat with blood on her hands.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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