BOOM: Poll Shows Clinton Camp In Total Chaos… And MASSIVE Changes For Trump

At this point in the Donald Trump campaign, things have been rather stagnant, if not on the decline. While Hillary Clinton just wrapped up $23 million in ad buys, the presumed Republican presidential nominee has fired his campaign manager and there has been an observable drop in his national poll numbers.

However, new numbers shined a light on how the Democrats feel about Clinton and how the Republicans feel about Trump, showing that things might be worse for the former secretary of state than they first appear.

Last month, a Gallup poll was published showing that Clinton had 77 percent of her party’s support. Now, the updated poll showed that she had dropped to 71 percent.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ fans are likely a cause of that drop — in fact, those younger voters could play an instrumental role in getting Trump elected if their hatred of Clinton doesn’t subside.

The results of last month’s poll also showed that he had a measly 27 percent of Republicans supporting him. In just one month, however, Trump skyrocketed to 59 percent support. Some Republicans have apparently realized that their candidate lost in the primary and that there is nothing they can do about it — and that Trump, while perhaps not a perfect candidate, is a considerably better option than Clinton.

That would equate to the 32 point jump in party support for Trump and a 6-point decline for Clinton. If numbers stay on that trajectory, only good things are to come for The Donald

Trump blamed the national polls — in which he’s trailing — on the fact that his campaign hasn’t actively gone after Hillary Clinton yet. Supposedly, he plans to bulldoze her on foreign donations, emails and the Clinton Foundation after he secures the Republican nomination in July.

And frankly, he can beat her handily if he assaults the Democrats with those specific attacks and sticks to his guns on lowering taxes, fighting Islamic terrorism and securing the border and doesn’t weaken his previously issued positions on protecting the Second Amendment and repealing Obamacare.

H/T The Daily Caller

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