BOOM! Polls Secretly Reveal Trump is Winning in a LANDSLIDE – Here’s How We Know:

No, that isn’t a mistaken headline. Despite the polls that show this to be a tight race, Donald Trump could very well win this election in a landslide.

There are literally countless Trump supporters who are hesitant to come out publicly and say they support him, per

“We’ve actually seen this empirically,” said veteran Republican political consultant Roger Stone. “If you use an automated poll – push one for Trump, push two for Clinton, push for undecided – and you contrast those polls where a live operator is used, Trump does substantially three to four points better in the automated poll.”

For whatever reason, the average person or persons do not want to tell a stranger they support the real estate billionaire. It could be because they don’t want to be branded a racist, or it could be a lack of political correctness. “So yes, there’s an undervote for Trump,” Stone said.

Donald Trump has also brought interest from those who wouldn’t normally vote.

“In Florida, for example, in the Republican primary, 375,000 more Republicans voted for Trump than voted for Romney in the primary,” Stone said. “When you examine those people, they are people who did not vote four years ago or six years ago even.”

Of course, the liberal shills on such sites as Politico are doubting these stories. They think that because of the “massive organization” Clinton has in a number of swing states, she will be able to win this election.

They are forgetting a couple of things, however.

Besides the immense amount of secret support Donald Trump has, he also has a huge boost of enthusiasm in his favor. The ratings for today’s debate are going to be as high as some Super Bowls.

However, do these “secret voters” actually make it to the polls? If the early voting totals in Florida are any indication, they indeed do, and Hillary Clinton is going to have an extremely difficult time overcoming this.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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