BOOM! Sean Hannity Just Made Obama The Offer Of a Lifetime – It’s PERFECT!

Sean Hannity just extended the offer of a lifetime to Barack Obama. The Fox News personality is willing to personally rid America of a president who had zero respect for the Constitution!

“I have an offer for the president. I will charter a plane for you and your family,” Hannity said. “I will charter it to the country of your choice. You want to go to Canada? I’ll pay for you to go to Canada. You want to go to Kenya?”

Sean Hannity doubled-down of his offer to buy the president a plane ticket when he added, “I’ll pay for you to go to…Jakarta [Indonesia], where you went to school back in the day, you can go back there,” Politico notes.

There is just one little catch to Hannity’s generous offer. The free plane ride for Obama and his kin has to be on one-way tickets.

The comments by the Fox News host were in response to Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, who has been dodging questions about Obama’s plans after he leaves office. Most patriots do not care where he goes as long as he exits the Oval Office promptly in January.

“He’s working very hard to make sure that nobody has to leave the country as a result of an electoral outcome that the president doesn’t support,” Earnest said during a press briefing earlier this week. Needless to say, his attempt at humor fell flat.

Liberals have constantly derided the uncivil tone of the 2016 presidential election, but they give themselves a pass when it comes to the sarcastic comments and insults they sling on national television.

Not long after Sean Hannity’s radio show comments went viral, the liberals came out by the thousands to deride him on social media. Progressives immediately began calling Hannity a “birther,” and some even labeled him a racist.

Sean Hannity never once uttered support for birther comments. He did, however, urge the president to release the long form of his birth certificate to put the matter to rest just so the entire nation could move on from the story.

There’s nothing racist about the Fox News host’s comments. Referencing where Obama spent his childhood or where his father came from is simply stating a fact. It’s certainly not bigoted banter. Many liberal celebrities have stated they will move out of the United States if Donald Trump gets elected, yet no liberal is calling that unpatriotic!

Many liberals made these same types of vows when George W. Bush was running for office. Unfortunately, not a single Hollywood liberal packed his or her bags and relieved us of their presence. They usually threaten to head to Canada, but Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, has confirmed he doubts any mass migration will actually occur.

Besides, America would survive just fine without Whoopi Goldberg, Morgan Freeman, or Joy Behar, but the country can’t withstand four years under a Hillary Clinton administration!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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