BOOM! Steven Seagal Takes MASSIVE Stand For Trump, It’s Making Liberals CRY!

Apparently, Steven Seagal is not a fan of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. His bold stand for Trump included a few choice words that are likely making their heads spin.

He said he stands with the American people and wants to preserve constitutional rights and see to it veterans get the proper care they deserve. 

Seagal’s tweets come at the end of a very busy week where a number of things made the news including overpaid ball players disrespecting the flag, Hillary Clinton collapsing at the 9/11 memorial and blaming it on heat exhaustion, and her decision to disparage millions of Americans who choose not to support her.

Seagal put things in perspective, however, and made a number of other tweets demonstrating how Hillary has failed to gain his support.

One of the most notable ones would be where he explained Hillary Clinton’s job for her as secretary of state, saying that “one of her main jobs was to avoid getting people killed.”

Considering her track record is so poor, that would probably explain his further comments on Clinton’s alleged diagnosis: “Pneumonia or not, she is going to be disastrous for the American people.”

All I have to say is this: finally, someone who really understands who the one candidate is that we should be concerned about. It is not Donald Trump with his blunt style and his tendency to hurt liberals’ fragile feelings. It is Hillary Clinton and her fragile leadership.

She is already a known quantity, and that is why Seagal said Hillary was not “capable” in response to one of liberals’ arguments against him.

Take a look at this gem from the action movie actor: “Capable?” he tweeted in regards to Clinton. Seagal said she was only capable of leaving Americans to die, disrespecting law, and disrespecting rape survivors!

We wholeheartedly concur, and we’re glad to see Steven Seagal is not buying the bull and is on the Trump Train!

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