BOOM! The House Just Voted 383-0 In Support of Christians… Obama Isn’t Happy About This

The Obama administration refuses to even utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, so it’s no surprise that they have refused to call the murders of Christians by ISIS ‘genocide’, but that’s exactly what it is. ISIS is literally trying to totally eliminate entire populations of people who do not believe the way they do.

When the House votes 383-0 against Obama, you know there is something majorly wrong with the mentality of the White House.

From Fox News:

The House approved a resolution Monday that declares the Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East — putting even more pressure on the Obama administration to do the same ahead of a deadline later this week.

The resolution passed the House with a unanimous vote of 383-0.

The resolution came to a vote just days after the release of a graphic new report by the Knights of Columbus and In Defense of Christians on ISIS’ atrocities. The report made the case that the terror campaign against Christians and other minorities in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East is, in fact, genocide.

“When ISIS systematically targets Christians, Yezidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities for extermination, this is not only a grave injustice—it is a threat to civilization itself,” Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, R-Neb., said in a statement. “We must call the violence by its proper name: genocide.”

The resolution was voted on ahead of a congressionally mandated March 17 deadline for Secretary of State John Kerry and the White House to make a decision on whether to make such a declaration. The measure is an effort to force the administration’s hand on the issue, as the administration has so far declined to take an official position.

There is a similar measure in the Senate that has yet to be voted on.

Obama may want to protect Islam and disregard Christians, but it is abundantly clear there are hundreds of leaders in the House and Senate who do not agree with Obama’s notions.

If the resolution passes the Senate at a similar margin as the house, it will solidify the level of embarrassment our country feels toward Obama.

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