BOOM! Trump Asks 1 Simple Question About Hillary That Has Liberals Losing Their Minds!

Questions regarding Hillary Clinton’s health and her ability to keep running for or even serve as president have been in everyone’s minds, making Clinton’s polls dismally low and causing rumors of her replacement to circulate. And Donald Trump’s simple question to the American people is something we all want to know.

“I don’t know folks, do you think Hillary could stand up here for an hour?” Trump asked a rally crowd in Canton, Ohio, going off the teleprompter against his campaign’s advice, according to Politico. While I’m sure liberals will use this as further ammunition against Trump for flying off the cuff, it should still feel refreshing that a presidential candidate can actually speak the truth to the people.

Trump, as millions have noted, is a straight shooter—telling people a bombing occurred, asking if Hillary could hold herself up for an hour without passing out—this is what America needs! Trump engages the American people, and he doesn’t mess around or wait for official statements.

He even shows support to Democrats, even though they’re voting against him. Hillary, on the other hand, calls us derogatory names for having different views.

As for Hillary’s health concerns, not much more has been revealed after her alleged pneumonia diagnosis following her medical episode at the 9/11 memorial ceremony. In the few times she has appeared to make statements, she seemed heavily drugged or sedated—not that the mainstream media would ever say anything bad about her.

Both liberals and the mainstream media have tried every angle to put Trump back behind Hillary in the polls, but his support has been growing daily as he shows the people how competent of a president he would be. His drive to put America first is what pulls so many voters to him.

Obama basically threatened black Americans to vote for Hillary, saying they would disrespect his legacy or lose his respect if they didn’t. The media have tried to change Trump’s words in order to make him appear racist.

But We the People will not be dissuaded!

Hillary is a secretive backstabber who will say and do anything to get ahead of Trump—even demean him and his supporters. Trump has only retaliated in his own defense for her “deplorables” comment and has said nothing offensive to any Democrat supporter.

Trump has stated he wants her to get better so she can come back on the trail (so he can beat her fair and square).

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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