BOOM: Trump Breaks Reagan Record… Now Looks to Be MASSIVE Winner in Nov.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy last year, almost no one could have predicted that he would earn a record number of votes, destroy his leading competition effortlessly, be called the second Ronald Reagan and be within striking distance of Hillary Clinton already.

Yet Trump has done all this, and more, in just a few short months. Trump has shattered records across the board, driven up voter turnout and earned more primary votes than any Republican candidate in history.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Trump has broken another record of sorts — he has surpassed Ronald Reagan’s popularity at this point in the campaign cycle.

One month after Reagan became the presumptive GOP nominee in 1980 he had 74 percent support from Republicans. One month after Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee this year, he had 85 percent support.


The only person who beats that number is Mitt Romney in 2012, who had 87 percent support the month after he became the presumptive nominee — and that was probably less about Romney and more about dislike for President Barack Obama.

This is a truly impressive number, especially considering how much effort has gone into attacking Trump from the Republican establishment and the Democrat Party.

Trump has withstood more attacks and negative media coverage than any other candidate so far, yet he remains quite popular. Even Hillary Clinton can’t claim to have been able to do that.

Trump has also surged to wishing striking distance of Clinton in most national polls. Right now he is well within the margin of error of most polls putting the two in a matchup, as opposed to a few weeks ago when he was behind Clinton by roughly 10 points in most.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Trump can keep this momentum going. Right now he is benefiting from the Democrat field being divided between Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, while Trump has the Republican field all to himself.

Things could change when he faces a united Democrat Party. However, Trump has survived everything else so far, and there is little reason to believe that will change before November.

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