BOOM! Trump Issued THIS VP Debate Announcement, Surprising Media

Donald Trump continues to be portrayed in the worst light possible by the biased, liberal news media, but sometimes he surprises them, and his comments regarding Mike Pence’s performance last night were no exception.

Trump tweeted out the fact Mike Pence won big and that we all should be proud of him; it surprised the media because many thought he would be mad that Pence had “upstaged” him.

So who is the person who has continually acted presidential throughout this entire process?

I’ll give you a hint, which admittedly would be difficult to get if you listen to the standard media fare: it has not been Hillary.

CNN (read: the Clinton News Network) loves to point out any perceived faults in Donald Trump and how supposedly “unfit” he is for office. The network plays right into the Clinton narrative that he doesn’t have the temperament and his ego is way too big.

All the while, CNN and other news outlets conveniently overlook the fact that during his debate, Trump kept his cool even though Clinton was continually trying to goad him with her sarcasm and her smug smile.

Moreover, the media looked bad yet again simply because they didn’t realize that a victory for Mike Pence is a victory for Donald Trump. The reason for this is simple:

Pence was handpicked by Trump, and it is an illustration of how he would govern.

He would be sure to surround himself with the most qualified people for every position.

Contrast this with Hillary, who is sure to only surround herself with “yes-men” who are only ready to take the “fall” for her when another scandal erupts.

Frankly, Tim Kaine has never inspired much confidence in many for being an effective leader. He is nothing more than a bureaucrat, which is probably why Clinton chose him in the first place.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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