BOOM: Trump Just Launched An 11 Word Threat At Obama That’ll Have Him Worried Sick

One of America’s premier and pulverizing political counterpunchers warned President Obama on Wednesday that if the president campaigns against him, “I’m allowed to hit him just like I hit Bill Clinton.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s warning came after Obama criticized Trump for saying “he’s going to bring all these jobs back. Well how exactly are you gonna do that? … What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is he doesn’t have an answer.”

Trump last month used the word “rape” in connection with Bill Clinton’s alleged inappropriate behavior involving women. Trump has also called the former president’s wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, an “enabler.”

In a speech Wednesday in Sacramento, California, Trump criticized Obama for dipping his toe into the campaign.

“He’s going to start campaigning,” Trump said. “If he campaigns, that means I’m allowed to hit him just like I hit Bill Clinton, I guess, right?”

“If he doesn’t, I don’t care,” Trump said. “But if he campaigns, and I think he wants to because he wants to keep this terrible agenda going where everybody is ripping us, where the world is ripping us off.”

Trump gave Obama a piece of advice: Stay in Washington and do the work he was elected to do.

China’s leaders, he said, “have no respect for our country. They have no respect for our president. They think he’s a total lightweight.”

“And now he’s gonna be campaigning! And you know what?” said Trump. “He shouldn’t campaign. He should go out and do the job he’s supposed to be doing, not campaigning.”

“This is a president who doesn’t have a clue,” Trump also said.

h/t: Daily Mail

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