BOOM! Trump Posts THIS ‘Controversial’ Picture on Facebook – It’s Already Going Viral!

There is no question the Presidency of the current occupant of the White House has resulted in many deleterious effects for our nation. If Hillary Clinton is allowed to take over, the results will be catastrophic for our country, and many people realize it.  On the other hand, the hope that our Donald Trump has given to many has been personified in one picture in particular.

The image is already going viral, and is of an elderly woman in a “Make America Great Again” hat praying.  The picture is the personification of everything people want to see in this country.

As Trump supporters, we want to see a country that works for all citizens, not just the ones the current occupant in the White House chooses.

We want to see America win again in every area. Our trade deals are pathetic.

We want an America where the Commander-in-Chief won’t go on an apology tour immediately after he gets in office.

We also want to see an America where jobs are brought back to our citizens instead of illegal aliens. We want the crime rate to be lessened from this border problem, making violence against citizens such as Kate Steinle a thing of the past. This is probably what this older Trump supporter wants to see as well.

There really shouldn’t be any controversy over this picture, this woman is merely expressing what many of us feel.

We are literally praying Trump wins so our country will become great again.

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