BOOM! Trump Posts THIS Picture to Prepare Americans For His Presidency, It’s AMAZING!

As I reflect on the current presidential election, I can’t help but think of a line from the movie “John Q,” where Denzel Washington’s character is complaining about his hours being cut because “they’re shipping all the jobs to Mexico!” It’s not just a movie line. It has become a reality—but we know Donald Trump would put this country first, and he has a great Twitter picture to prepare us for his administration.

Instead of driving jobs away like the NAFTA policies of the Clintons, Donald Trump wants to keep the jobs here in the United States where they belong.

Donald Trump has told many audiences the truth, which is that long ago America changed its policy by switching from promoting growth within the country to simply moving manufacturing to overseas locations.

“We allow foreign countries to subsidize their goods, devalue their currency, violate their agreements, and cheat in every way imaginable, and our politicians did nothing about it,” he said during a campaign stop last June.

“America has lost nearly one-third of its manufacturing jobs since 1997—even as the country has increased its population by 50 million people,” Trump continued.

A Donald Trump administration would seek to remedy this situation with a number of important steps including appointing smarter trade negotiators to look out for America’s interest and identify any trade agreement violations that may be in the works from foreign countries.

He would also seek to revise NAFTA so that American workers get better deals than their foreign counterparts.

These are just some of the steps Donald Trump would take in order to make the picture he has presented a reality. No, this country will not be perfect, but under a Trump administration it will be much better than if it was under a Hillary Clinton term.

Clinton is someone who only answers to special interests and liberal hate groups, such as Black Lives Matter, and the immense amount of Muslims she would let in will make this country a dystopia of epic proportions.

America can do much better, and this meme by Donald Trump is just a small indication of the great things yet to come!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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