BOOM! Trump Stepped Off the Debate Stage and INSTANTLY Got THIS Good News

Finally, Trump and Hillary squared off for their first debate. And I thought it was pretty clear who won… and so did America.

While Trump showed a landslide victory on all conservative sites, which is to be expected, he also had a significant winning margin on more liberal sites, such as CNBC (66-34) and Time (54-46).

Hillary did land a few blows as well as putting Trump on the defensive a couple of times, but I don’t think it was anything significant.

When Trump hit her, however, he landed knockout blows that literally had Hillary appear as though she was going to cry.

And while it was a victory, I still think Trump could have done better.

He even admitted he was holding some things back, as though he did not want to show his entire hand on the first debate.

Hillary, as usual, answered many of the questions with a speech rather than an actual answer.

She claimed to lay out plans, but would go on rants without providing Americans without anything solid to go on.

The most telling and most damning of all, at least for me, was Hillary’s face when Trump was discussing things where she knew she had lied and she was now being exposed.

The emails… ISIS… you could literally see panic in her face.

Do I think this debate will make Hillary voters come over to Trump? No, but I do think some undecided voters will now lean towards Trump.

They may not yet be totally convinced but after last night, I would have to think they at the very least got an idea of how corrupt Hillary Clinton really is.

This may have been a case of him not really knowing what to expect and feeling out the process.

After all, he is still an amateur when it comes to debates and he has never had to do a one-on-one debate in this type of setting.

Even if we call this a draw, Trump will learn quickly, as he did during the primaries, and come out firing in the next round.

Hillary has more than enough skeletons in her closet Trump can focus on where she simply will have no answer.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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