BOOM: Trump Takes Off Gloves, Leaves Lying NYT Terrified With Just 1 Brutal Threat

Trump Organization attorney Jill Martin revealed on Monday night that there exists a “distinct possibility” that presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump would sue The New York Times over its phony story about how he allegedly mistreated women.

“I think that is a distinct possibility,” she told CNN. “I haven’t talked to him about it personally, but, you know, when he’s attacked like that and things are said falsely, he definitely fires back.”

However, the very next morning, another attorney with the Trump Organization admitted to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo that there’s a “very high bar” for suing news organizations — and that his boss would likely not in fact file a suit.

“The truth is that The New York Times owes both Ms. Brewer and they owe Donald Trump an apology,” he added, referring to Rowanne Brewer Lane, a former girlfriend of Trump’s whose words The Times spun to make him look bad.

So will Trump sue The New York Times, or was he just spewing blustery rhetoric out of anger and frustration? The answer remained unknown, though the aftereffects of the billionaire candidate’s anger will likely stick around for awhile.

Simply put, Trump helped expose The Times for the fraudulent and biased paper it is. When was the last time its reporters ever wrote a 10-page-long exposé on the many scandals of Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton?

Like other liberal outlets, The Times appears hellbent on not only targeting Trump, but also portraying him as some sort of evil and sexist man who mistreats people. Meanwhile, it conveniently places any negative stories about Clinton at the very back of ithe paper, where barely anybody will see it.

With a track record like this, the paper ought to go ahead and just rename itself The Liberal New York Times. That would surely be a lot more honest name for it.


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