BOOM: Trump’s Campaign Just Put Mitt Romney In His Place With Brutal Attack He Can’t Deny

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney did not expect to be blindsided by his own words about supporting a GOP nominee so early in the electoral calendar. But with Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich each dropping out after the Indiana primary, and the moniker “presumptive nominee” taking its place before Donald Trump’s name, it was only a matter of time.

As one of several prominent Republicans who have refused to endorse Trump’s candidacy, Romney has also been a vocal critic of the New York businessman within the GOP.

Last week the former 2012 Republican nominee signaled he would continue to withhold his support from Trump.

“I see way too much demagoguery and populism on both sides of the aisle, and I only hope and aspire that we’ll see more greatness,” Romney said.

On Monday, Dan Scavino, social media director for Trump’s campaign, tweeted a throwback video of Romney in which he states, “I would vote for the nominee of the Republican Party, and I don’t believe that’s going to be Donald Trump,” during an October 2015 interview with CNN’s State of the Union.

“Mitt Romney – presumptive nominee of the Republican Party is Donald Trump,” Scavino tweeted Monday. “Thank you for your support. #VoteTrump.”

Trump reflected on Romney’s reluctance to endorse his candidacy, as well as the 2012 presidential contest when Romney was the GOP standard bearer, during a Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press. Speaking of his work for Romney during that primary, Trump recounted helping with fundraising, making robocalls and giving speeches on behalf of Romney.

“Well, here’s the story,” Trump told host Chuck Todd. “I helped Mitt a lot. I raised a lot of money for him. I ruined the carpet in my apartments, I had so many people come. … He was ungrateful. Which is OK. A lot of people are ungrateful. But he was ungrateful. They did not respond accordingly. And that’s OK.”

h/t: Daily Mail

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