BOOM! ‘You Are Hereby SERVED’ – GOP Congress FINALLY Does Its Job, Issues Subpoena to…

It is an ugly day in our country when government agencies are not cooperating for the purpose of hiding information from the American people. Luckily, for We the People, we have House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz on our side.

While sitting in the hot seat and refusing to answer questions from Chaffetz, the Acting Legislative Affairs Chief Jason Herring was literally served and will now be required to turn over the complete “Hillary” file to the committee.

Chaffetz had no time for Herring’s game and offered the rather scathing comment after his refusal, “That’s the way a banana republic acts, not the way the Unites States of America acts.”

As usual, the left side of the aisle claimed the right was being overly dramatic and there was no real emergency here in getting these files to review.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, now infamous for his sit in, stated, “As far as I can tell, the only emergency is that the election is less than two months away.”

He was attempting to be sarcastic, but he is actually very much right.

It is because the election is only two months away that we need to see these files ASAP.

Chaffetz clearly feels there is information in these files that will provide even more insight into the email scandal that could possibly bring charges against Hillary.

Since we are in an election year, the American people have every right to insist they have a candidate on the ticket that is not in danger of ending up in jail shortly after taking the oath.

This was a bold move by Chaffetz, but one that is needed so we can uncover the truth.

As Chaffetz said, they don’t get to decide what is seen and not seen!

While the FBI will surely fight the order, Judge Napolitano of Fox News stated, “There are judges sitting in an emergent capacity for applications like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s resolved by the end of next week.”

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