BOYCOTT! These 5 Places Refused Service to Police Officers – 4 In The Last Week!

So far, 17 police officers have died in the line of duty in the month of July alone – almost one per day – including the 8 officers who were ambushed and assassinated in Dallas and Baton Rouge. But while most of the country has reacted with overwhelming love and support for the men and women in blue, there has been a shocking spate of police officers being refused service or told they aren’t welcome at restaurants and gas stations.

Here are 5 instances where police officers were refused service this year – with 4 of them from the last week alone – the most recent case came from Dallas, of all places!

July 19, 2016: Genghis Grill, Dallas, Tex.

From WFAA:

A group of Dallas Police officers say they were turned away from Genghis Grill on Greenville Avenue around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

According to a source, the officers were told by an employee that their presence may frighten other customers. …

A manager at the Greenville Avenue location said the company supports local law enforcement.

In fact, she said that Officer Michael Krol was a regular, and several members of the staff were saddened by his death.

Krol was killed at the beginning of Micah Johnson’s deadly shooting rampage the night of July 7.

July 17, 2016: Sunoco, Miramar, Fla.

From CBS Miami:

A Miramar police officer says he was refused service at a Sunoco service station and convenience store.

“And here you are just trying to do your job, you effort an arrest. You go inside the store and the clerk won’t serve you,” said Jeff Marano with the Miramar PD.

This from the Miramar police officer, who described the clerk as a black male:  “[he] walked up to me and asked why we had arrested ‘his boy.’ The individual stated he would not ring me up and stated, ‘you know why.’ I proceeded to ask him again to ring me up and the individual again refused.”

July 16, 2016: Taco Bell in Phenix City, Ala.

From the Daily Mail:

A Taco Bell employee in Alabama has been fired after two police deputies were denied service.

The uniformed deputies were told by the cashier on Saturday night in Phenix City that they wouldn’t be served and they needed to leave, according to Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones, who said he confirmed the account with multiple sources, according to WTVM.

Taco Bell spokeswoman Laura Nedbal said in a statement to news outlets that the restaurant’s franchise owner has since fired the unidentified employee.

On Saturday, Tammy Bush Mayo of Auburn posted on Facebook that her husband, who is a deputy, recounted a story about another deputy who went to the Taco Bell in the town and apparently was told they ‘don’t serve cops’.

July 14, 2016: Lucky’s Teriyaki, Sedro-Woolley, Wash.

From KHQ:

Sheriff Reichardt said four Skagit County deputies were finishing up lunch at Lucky’s Teriyaki and as two of them went to pay, the owner came out and asked that they not eat there any more. The deputies said the owner told them the customers didn’t like law enforcement there.

Not believing what he was hearing, Sheriff Reichardt asked his Chief Deputy to go speak to the owner and confirm the story. Sheriff Reichardt said not only did the owner repeat the request, but asked that the Sheriff’s Office spread the word to other law enforcement officers that they were also no long welcome.

February 22, 2016: Krystal Restaurant, Irondale, Ala.

From Fox 5 Atlanta:

An Alabama police officer says workers at a fast food restaurant refused to serve him when he went through the drive-thru in his police cruiser. It happened at a Krystal restaurant in Irondale.

The police chief says the officer waited in at the drive-thru window for ten minutes. When no one helped him, the officer went inside to order. But the police chief says the workers who were inside walked away.

The good news is that in each case the owners apologized and pledged their support for the police while the offending employees were fired. But unfortunately, hatred of the police is affecting every aspect of their daily lives.

Meanwhile, these officers from Homestead, Pa., saw that a couple refused to be seated near them, so they picked up their tab.

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