BREAKING – 2 Democrat Judges REMOVED From Office For THIS Sick Crime, TIME FOR PRISON!!

The breach of public trust the two Liberal judges are accused of committing is disgusting — they should be made to trade their black robes for orange jumpsuits ASAP!

The two Philadelphia judges have both been removed from the bench as a result of FBI probes into their corrupt activities. They are both accused of fixing cases in their respective courtrooms, reports.

Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline ruled  Municipal Court Judge Dawn Segal and Common Pleas Court Judge Angeles Roca must be immediately kicked off the bench for judicial corruption. Their attorneys are of course appealing the removals.

The disciplinary court determined Judge Roca had intervened, unethically, into a case involving her own son. The Democrat judge reportedly called then Municipal Court Judge Joseph Waters Jr., who in turn reached out to Segal, who ultimately reversed her ruling in the case.

Judge Water was sentenced to spend two years behind bars for fixing cases on behalf of Democrat campaign donors and Liberal allies. Judge Segal was found guilty on seven violations of judicial ethics rules.

“I got something in front of you at 1 o’clock today,” Judge Waters told Judge Segal in an intercepted phone call. In the conversation he asked for preferential and favorable treatment of a politically-connected defendant who was appearing before her.  “Oh, OK. OK,” Segal responded, according to the judicial disciplinary panel.

Wiretaps also managed to capture Judge Segal telling Waters she had helped him with her ruling in the case. Water was described as a “corrupt judge” when Judge Segal’s case came to trial.

The court said Judge Roca had only asked for advice from Judge Waters during the initial part of the conversation. But, when Waters offered to intervene in her son’s case, both of the court officials defrauded the justice system, the public, and broke the law.

“As we have said in more detail in prior decisions, when it comes to corrupt acts and the derogation of a fair and just judicial process, a judge must have ‘the willingness to stand up for what was right and buck a corrupt tide,’” the judicial disciplinary court wrote in rulings issued in each of the corruption cases against the Philadelphia judges.

Both Judge Segal and Judge Roca had been placed on an unpaid suspension after being arrested. Roca’s attorney claims the court treated the cases against the Democrat judges too similarly and therefore an appeal is warranted.

When the law is applied in a partisan manner, the public is cheated out of justice. How many times in the past were innocent Americans hurt because a judge needed a favor for a relative or a donor?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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