BREAKING: 22% of These Refugees Have DEADLY Disease… Look Where Obama Dumped Them

An astonishing 22 percent of the refugees President Barack Obama has resettled in Minnesota tested positive in 2014 for the highly contagious bacterial infection tuberculosis.

According to Breitbart, which uncovered these numbers by studying data from the Department of Health, that 22 percent rate is 18 percent higher than the rate of TB among the general population.

Moreover, it was found that the most common risk factor for TB was whether or not the patient came from a country where TB is prevalent. — a country such as Somalia, for instance.

It should be noted, however, that refugees are bringing over a lot more than just TB. They are also bringing measles, whooping dough, diphtheria and cholera, to name a few — and they are funneling these diseases into countries all across the globe.

Yet according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are “still trying to determine the reason for the uptick” in infectious diseases.

“We are not yet certain why TB incidence has leveled off, but we do know it indicates the need for a new, expanded approach to TB elimination,” Dr. Philip LoBue, director of the CDC’s Division of Tuberculosis Elimination, reportedly remarked in an email.

The paper added that the four states with the highest number of TB cases — California, New York, Texas and Florida — also host the smallest population rates but feature the most foreign-born residents, i.e., immigrants and refugees.

It’s really not that hard of a puzzle to solve, guys, especially when you consider that the Obama administration lets infected immigrants and refugees enter the United States, whereas in the past it used to send them back home.

The solution here is as clear as day — we need to be a lot more careful about whom we allow into the country. But unfortunately, President Barack Obama, aka the man who prefers acting like a citizen of the globe versus the leader of America, disagrees.

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