BREAKING: After Brussels Ex-CIA Director Drops Obama-ISIS Bombshell … SPREAD THIS

Immediately following the news of a deadly terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium, a former acting CIA director stated that the attack is evidence that the Islamic State group was winning in the war on global terrorism.

In a Tuesday interview with “CBS This Morning,” former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell said the bombings in Brussels were a “reflection of how large, how compartmented, how sophisticated the ISIS capability is in Europe.”

“ISIS has a large and sophisticated terror network in Europe that has not been degraded,” Morell said, adding that over the course of the next few days, the terror threat level throughout Europe will remain high.

Morell went on to state that even though the Islamic State group has suffered setbacks and tactical defeats in Iraq and Syria, it nevertheless was “growing rapidly in the rest of the world.”

The Islamic State group has “more territory today around the world than they did at any time, and they’ve conducted now attacks in Paris, San Bernardino and now in Brussels,” he declared.

“So I would say they’re winning, right? They’re winning, and we’re going to have to find additional approaches to try to undermine them,” proclaimed Morell.

Sadly, it would appear that the former acting CIA director is absolutely right, though we wish that weren’t the case.

In truth, President Barack Obama has waged such a half-hearted effort against the collected group of radical jihadists that it now feels emboldened to lash out at will, whenever and wherever its members please, even right under the shadow of NATO, the European Union and the United Nations.

H/T Newsmax

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