BREAKING: Al Qaeda Drops BOMBSHELL Revelation About Bomb Clock Boy… Spread This!

We all need role models. Aspiring basketball players, for instance, may look up to LeBron James. Physics students may look up to Steven Hawking. And if you’re a terrorist, what better role model than Ahmed “Bomb Clock Boy” Mohamed?

That’s at least what PJ Media says, citing the latest issue of an Al Qaeda magazine in which the group listed him as an inspiration.

We haven’t been thinking much lately about the young Texas boy who deliberately trolled us into thinking that a clock designed to look like a bomb was actually potent evidence of America’s latent Islamophobia.

Even President Obama fell for the gag, tweeting, “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

The new issue of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s official magazine featured a picture of Mohamed with the president, with the caption, “Obama, ‘because of his sensitivity towards Muslim discrimination,’ sees an opp to further his PR by acknowledging a brilliant 14 yr old Muslim boy (who in fact even inspired us in a way)” (emphasis added).

The 14-year-old Mohamed, who was arrested last year after he brought the bomb clock into his Irving, Texas, school and was subsequently arrested after refusing to answer police questions about it, has actually moved to the Arabian peninsula. His family decided to move to Qatar, although they’re still suing the city of Irving for $15 million.

It’s entirely possible he could have then read the issue of “Inspire,” the Al Qaeda magazine he was featured in. (Although I’m not really sure it’s carried by that many newsstands, as suicide bombers tend to be lousy repeat customers.)

Aside from the bomb clock boy, there were also articles about how to make a parcel bomb, a magnetic car bomb, and a door-trap bomb. Yes, apparently one read of “Inspire” and you can make more bombs than M. Night Shamaylan.

The issue also included a photo of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook with a pipe bomb as well as threats against the United States for Memorial Day, Independence Day and Election Day. Lovely.


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