BREAKING: ALL Trump Delegates Ruled UNBOUND At RNC Convention…The Fix Is In!

Since Trump officially got to 1,237 delegates after winning California, it has been assumed that he will be the GOP nominee and face Hillary Clinton in the general election, however that just might not be the case at all, as RNC rules say all delegates are unbound heading into Cleveland.

If they steal the election from Trump after Americans have clearly chosen him to represent their party in November, a political earthquake will take place.

Here is what has been reported…

From The Hill:

As the Republican National Convention prepares to kick off next week in Cleveland, there is a lot of confusion and controversy over the question of whether delegates to the convention are “bound” to vote for any particular candidate as a result of primary or caucus results, or state party directions.

The report from The Hill went on to explain the history of the RNC rules making and past procedures, but concluded by saying…

In short, the history of the Republican National Convention proves that delegates have always, with the exception of 1976, been free to vote their conscience, and the rule that has protected this right over the last 136 years remains part of the temporary rules of the 2016 convention. The U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings on the issue also make clear that delegates are free to ignore state laws purporting to bind them, and the one national party rule purporting to bind delegates expires at the start of the convention.

These facts make clear that all delegates are completely unbound and free to vote their conscience on any and all matters that come before them, including the first ballot to decide the party’s nominee for president. No rule change is needed to unbind delegates, so long as the party stands by its 160-year history (aside from the blemish of 1976) protecting this important right.

Delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention have been entrusted with the duty of selecting the party’s nominee to face Hillary Clinton in November (probably – the Democrats also have rules in place that protect the right of delegates to vote their consciences). They should carefully weigh their options, considering not only primary and caucus results but also who is best suited to represent Republican values and win in November.

Whomever emerges as the party’s nominee will be strengthened, not weakened, by demonstrating that they won the Republican nomination based not on coercion and intimidation, but instead on delegates freely and honestly concluding they should be the nominee.

Buckle up folks and be prepared for a fight at the RNC convention in Cleveland. Shady things happen when you least expect it and don’t think for one minute things can’t go sideways and the nomination be stolen from Trump.

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