BREAKING – Bachmann Reveals What Trump Did To Her During Their Time Alone In His Penthouse

The media has painted Donald Trump as a bawdy, aggressive, and vulgar man after the release of his “locker room” tape from when he was an entertainer in 2005. While there is no way to excuse Donald Trump’s comments, they weren’t the “shot across the bow” that Democrats were hoping for. However, 2012 GOP contender Michelle Bachmann revealed that she has spent time alone with Donald Trump as well. Could she provide some kind of spark for this “scandal”?

If the liberal news media are looking for verification from Bachmann, they are going to be quite disappointed. She was interviewed by the conservative USA Radio host Rusty Humphries, and Bachmann replied, “No, he has never hit on me.”

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“As a matter of fact,” she said, “he invited me up to his penthouse to have breakfast up there with him.” He and Bachmann were on one floor, and Trump’s wife and young son were on an entirely different floor.

“It was while I was running for President of the United States four years ago,” she recalled. These revelations beg the question: did Donald Trump harass Bachmann? Nope.

“He was a perfect gentleman,” Bachmann said. “He showed me the artwork; he showed me where he stood when the twin towers came down, and he watched that from his apartment.”

Besides being a “perfect gentleman,” Bachmann said she couldn’t help but notice he has some great qualities of leadership needed to be President of the United States. “He picks up on things; he learns new things.”

“He’s what I would call a street-smart guy,” she said. “He’s very pragmatic,” she noted.

Perhaps the best part of Donald Trump’s leadership acumen would be the distinction between him and regular politicians. “He wants to get to the best solution, fast,” Bachmann said. “He doesn’t just goof around. And one thing about government: they take years and years and years to fix things. That’s not Donald Trump.”

Those four words definitely highlight Trump, and they highlight another distinction between him and his challenger. Clinton will go to any lengths to get elected.

She will also take any lengths to hide her real views from the public, and she will place the White House up for sale to the highest bidder. For many years, this country has been run by billionaires behind the scenes, and this will continue to be so.

Moreover, anyone who dares to challenge Clinton will have their reputation sullied. They will need to have people of integrity, such as Michelle Bachmann, to defend them from these baseless allegations. This is extremely ironic, especially considering it is Hillary’s husband who is the predator, and not Donald Trump.

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