BREAKING – Bombing Suspect CAUGHT, But Media Hiding THIS:

Police have caught and arrested Ahmad Rahami, who is a suspect in the bombings of Elizabeth, New Jersey and the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan after a shootout in Linden, NJ, via

While the mainstream media is releasing his name, they are not revealing the fact that Rahami is a Jihadist. Why? Because it would boost Trump and destroy the narrative being preached by Barack H. Obama and Hillary Clinton!

The two officers were patrolling when they responded to the report of a suspect shooting at cars; both officers were injured. One officer was struck by a car and the other was shot.

The subject was detained as identified as Rahami, a resident of Elizabeth, NJ. The 28-year-old was suspected for explosions in both New York and New Jersey this past weekend.

Rahami, an Afghanistan born immigrant, was identified as a person of interest for the bombing attacks.

He was reported “alive but injured,” and loaded into an ambulance.

The officers found a “suspicious package” and called in the bomb squad and K-9 unit.

This weekend, one improvised explosive device (IED) denoted in Seaside Park, NJ before a Marine Corps charity event, while authorities found another in a trash bin in Chelsea, which injured 29 people.

A third IED was detonated in an Elizabeth, NJ train station as people were trying to disarm it today.

A description of Rahami’s car was added to a Be On the Lookout (BOLO) list to the public. It was reported at West Point, 50 miles from NYC, which prompted a lockdown of the military academy. But it was a false alarm.

The real question everyone should be asking right now is “Why is the mainstream media hiding the truth?”

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