BREAKING: Border Patrol Revolts, Issues Stunning Demand About Donald J Trump

The Republican Party in Colorado has decided against holding a GOP primary, awarding its delegates instead to Sen. Ted Cruz without a popular vote. For the nation’s largest Border Patrol union, that means it’s time to fight.

The National Border Patrol Council, which has already endorsed Trump, issued a statement to Breitbart demanding that the state of Colorado hold a primary to determine how the state’s delegates are bound at this month’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The statement by the NBPC, which represents over 17,000 Border Patrol members, was published one day after the Colorado state convention that gave Cruz all of the state’s pledged delegates.

“In our March 30 endorsement statement of Donald J. Trump, we, the National Border Patrol Council, called upon the American people to stand with border agents in support of Mr. Trump and his pledge to end illegal immigration,” the statement read. “We fully expected that the will of the American electorate, whatever they decided in this primary, would be upheld. It is now clear that voters are being disenfranchised in order to protect established interests.”

“By cancelling the election in Colorado, the Republican Party has found a brand new way to disenfranchise voters who want secure borders and safe communities,” the statement continued.

“Once again, the will of the public — who have pleaded for immigration enforcement — is being overridden by special interests with agendas. We see the same thing happening across the country, where delegates won by Mr. Trump — through a popular recorded vote — have made secret arrangements to support other candidates, thwarting the will of the millions of voters they collectively are supposed to represent. This is insidious.”

The National Border Patrol Council called on Colorado to start over from scratch.

“I am calling today on the Republican Party to promise free, fair and open elections in America,” the statement demanded.

“All candidates should join in this demand. Elections should mean that the people — not party insiders — choose the nominee. We will never secure our immigration system unless the raw will of the American people is imposed through the ballot box. Clearly, politicians and special interests will continue to betray America’s interests if they are left to their own devices.”

Keep in mind that the National Border Patrol Council typically doesn’t endorse candidates. They did so only because Donald Trump has inspired a special degree of loyalty. That loyalty will be squandered if delegates keep on being taken away from Trump by undemocratic backroom procedures.

We call on the Colorado GOP to respect the will of the people and hold a fair and open primary — just as the nation’s largest Border Patrol union has demanded. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree.

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