BREAKING: British PM Issues Shocking Statement on Trump… World Leaders Stunned

As Donald Trump has become the Republican party’s presumptive nominee for the general election in November, several world leaders have made statements about the candidate and the election.

After officials from China and Mexico made statements about the GOP’s nominee, the British prime minister also weighed in on the candidate, and his statement was a bit unexpected.

On Thursday, David Cameron said that Trump deserves respect, and despite the philosophical differences between the two, the prime minister “respects” the candidate for surviving the “gruelling nature of the primaries,” according to The U.K. Guardian.

“Knowing the gruelling nature of the primaries, what you have to go through to go on and represent your party in a general election — anyone who makes it through that deserves our respect,” he said.

The supportive statement was a bit shocking because the prime minister had strongly attacked Trump in the past over his controversial proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from the United States.

The idea was “stupid, divisive and wrong,” Cameron argued in December after Trump made the statements in response to the San Bernardino massacre.

While Cameron has now articulated his respect for Trump, he said he still stood by his strong disagreement with Trump’s proposed Muslim ban.

“What I said about Muslims, I wouldn’t change that view. I’m very clear that the policy idea that was put forward was wrong, it is wrong, and it will remain wrong,” the prime minister said at a press conference on Thursday.

Earlier this week, Chinese officials urged people to be “rational and objective” in viewing the relationship between the two countries, regardless of who becomes our leader.

Then, former Mexican president Vicente Fox apologized to Trump for saying he wouldn’t pay for his “F***ing Wall,” and he even invited the candidate to come visit Mexico.

It seems like the leaders of the world are accepting the fact that Donald Trump may very well be the next United States president, and he isn’t exactly someone they want to have bad relationships with.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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