BREAKING: Bush Ambassador to U.N. Drops Trump Bombshell… Bush Family Shocked

John Bolton was one of George W. Bush’s top officials and a prominent Donald Trump holdout. However, in an interview with Radio America, the former U.N. ambassador says he’s backing Trump over Hillary Clinton in November because “if the country’s not safe, everything else is secondary.”

“I believe this is a binary choice,” Bolton said. “The next president will either be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, unless Hillary gets indicted. Talk about a third-party candidate, I think, is badly misplaced. The idea of not voting at all is no better because, functionally, that’s a vote for Hillary. And it may have a really harmful effect on Senate and House races where Republicans are going to be fighting hard to maintain control.”

Bolton said the issue is of utmost importance because Hillary would give us at least another four years of Obama’s defeatist foreign policy.

“Hillary is extremely happy with the Obama foreign policy. It’s almost an urban legend now that somehow she would be tougher, more hawkish (than Obama). I really don’t see that,” Bolton said.

As evidence, he pointed towards her poorly-selling autobiography, “Hard Choices.”

If you didn’t read it, that’s OK — almost nobody did. However, what she said in that ill-starred tome has massive implications for America’s foreign policy, and almost none of them are good.

“It’s very hard, if not impossible, to find any real differences between what Hillary Clinton writes and what the Obama policy was,” Bolton said. “The idea somehow that Hillary would be preferable because she would be an improvement on the Obama foreign policy is badly misguided.”

“The continuing deterioration of the Middle East and all across North Africa as well is going to accelerate, and I think we’re going to see Iran challenge us on a variety of points,” Bolton added.

“I think they’re going to press the outer limits of the Vienna deal on their nuclear weapons program. Recently, the head to the Revolutionary Guards Corps threatened yet again to close the Strait of Hormuz. I think threatening moves against friendly Arab states are all in the offing.”

Bolton, President George W. Bush’s ambassador to the United Nations from 2005 to 2006, had held out on endorsing anyone during the nomination fight, while saying he would support the Republican nominee. Reports say that he briefly considered running himself, although from his remarks he’s clearly given up that ghost.

He still has reservations about Trump, but says that they’re nowhere near as huge as the doubts he has about Hillary and her continuation of Obama’s foreign policy mistakes.

“It’s also important to demonstrate that Trump can can fulfill the most important job of the presidency, which is keeping the country safe,” Bolton said.

“Obviously, the economy’s important. There’s a lot of important issues, but if the country’s not safe, everything else is secondary.”

Bolton is right. America can’t afford another four years of Obama’s foreign policy blunders.


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