BREAKING: Bush Insider Drops Bombshell on Trump… Kasich, Hillary Stunned

With Texas Sen. Ted Cruz out of the race, the only people between billionaire businessman Donald Trump and the White House are Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

While both have significantly differing chances of getting into 1600 Pennsylvania, they both have one thing in common: They’re relying on Trump-caused division within the GOP to propel them to the presidency.

However, if that’s what they were hoping for, one former Bush family operative may put the kibosh on that.

In an interview on Howie Carr’s syndicated radio show (via Breitbart), Massachusetts RNC chairman and close Bush family friend Ron Kaufman urged voters to unite behind Donald Trump.

“To be honest, I started with my friend Jeb Bush, who I grew up with,” Kaufman said. “That didn’t work.”

Kaufman’s remarks followed Trump’s victory in the Massachusetts caucus this weekend, where he picked up 23 of 27 potential delegates.

“Donald Trump is going to end up with more votes than any person who ever ran for president in a contested race, probably,” said Kaufman.


According to his business profile, after Kaufman “helped lay the political foundation for his successful 1988 presidential campaign, Mr. Kaufman served in the Administration of President George H.W. Bush, initially as White House personnel director and then as assistant to the president and the White House political director.”

He was also a member of George W. Bush’s White House, as well as a senior adviser to Mitt Romney, which means this guy is about as establishment as they come.

Unlike his former boss Romney, however, he refused to join the #NeverTrump brigade.

“You can’t kick all those great tens of millions of voters to the side,” Kaufman told Carr. “If we’re going to win in November we’re going to need every one of them to show up and vote.”

“Clearly, Mr. Trump understands what people are thinking out there in America better than anybody else,” he said. “That’s why he will be the nominee in my opinion, and I believe he’ll be the president.”

He also reminded those in the party structure just what the stakes were.

“Once we get through the convention process, I think you’ll see that the state parties, the presidential campaign, the RNC, all work together to make sure that it’s Donald Trump picking the next two or three Supreme Court justices and not Hillary Clinton.”

Kaufman isn’t the only one who has urged the party to coalesce around Trump. RNC National Chairman Reince Priebus also did the same last night after Ted Cruz’s withdrawal.

All that division that Hillary and Kasich were counting on? Well, at the moment, one might wonder where it is.

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